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Austin Lawyer Tips After a DUI Arrest


The DUI arrests conviction rate in Austin, Texas is more than sixty percent. But it doesn't mean that if you are asked to pull over and blew over that your life is over. Although the experiences can be intimidating or embarrassing, you need how to handle this kind of situation with awareness and understanding. It pays off considering your options available when it comes to DUI or DWI discussions with the help of a lawyer. A DUI arrest in Austin is more than a traffic offense, it is a criminal charge.


Unlike Wisconsin and New Jersey, a DUI arrest in Austin, Texas may lead to criminal charges, so the matter needs to be taken seriously. It is important to have a documentation of everything, so take out a pen or a smartphone and write or take photos or videos of important information such as the location were you were pulled over, the name of the arresting officer, the reason the officer gave why you were pulled over, and your statement. The details are very important because these are considered evidence for any criminal charge against you in the future. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oz_kzOQR0M and know more about lawyers.


Document all the things you remember about the incident like what you drank or ate prior to being pulled over. It is also important to know the tests that the police officer asked you to perform such as a breathalyzer or eye movement. Now the results of those tests and note if these were forcefully asked or if you have done it voluntarily. Present your documentation, photos, and videos to your dwi attorney austin for review. For your social media account, mark it as private because you don't want anybody seeing what you have recently posted such as spending the night before in a club or bar that might become a source of incrimination. You don't want to be questioned about any drug or alcohol-related posts in any of your social media accounts.


If you are innocent of the charge, build a pool of witness to testify that you are had not drunk alcohol or take any substances before your arrest. Hire an austin dwi attorney to interview the bartender you know who just served you nothing but Sprite or your friends who were with you. It is best to hire an experienced lawyer in Austin to help you fight for your rights and your best interests. If you find a trusted, reliable, and reputable DUI lawyer, allow us to help you out by visiting our website or homepage now!